Aussie Dogs is one of the most popular brands that manufacture quality, reliable and comfortable sheepskin footwear. The manufacturer utilizes only quality sheepskin that originates from Australia and makes boots based on the traditional Australian technologies. Aussie Dogs is in business since 1989. Today, their model range includes a variety of footwear for men and women.

The brand has started 22 years ago, and offered traditional Australian sheepskin boots. Now, their selection includes shoes, clogs, slippers, and traditional sheepskin boots. Every pair of shoes Aussie Dogs creates is tailored flawlessly and is guaranteed to withstand even the most harsh weather conditions. So, customers can pick a pair of shoes that will meet their needs and benefit from that natural comfy feel. If you are looking for comfortable slippers, trendy boots, or a pair of shoes for comfortable outdoor experience be sure to check out Aussie Dogs selection.

aussie dogs boots

If you are looking for footwear that will be both stylish, comfortable and natural, look no further. Check out the selection offered by Aussie Dogs. Their collection is committed to provide perfect footwear for lifestyle, since Aussie Dogs want you to live your life in their shoes!


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