UGG is one of those world-known brands that make sheepskin boots for men, women and kids. Sheepskin footwear by UGG is extremely popular among people from different countries, celebrities and people, whose job or hobby requires durable, lightweight and natural footwear. Sheepskin boots by UGG are comfortable to wear in cold, warm and hot weather, as sheepskin allows for natural air circulation, which keeps feet dry and comfy. History of UGG sheepskin boots started in the late 1970s, and today their lineup features sheepskin slippers, shoes, boots, accessories and more!

UGG Footwear for Men, Women & Kids

Today, UGG offers quality sheepskin footwear for men, women and kids of all ages. Many people buy UGG boots, shoes and slippers for that natural feel and quality materials. Some don’t like how this footwear looks. We have analyzed multiple surveys, forums and reviews to see, what people actually say about UGG footwear. Just click the style you want to learn about or you are about to shop.

Current UGG Styles

Originally, there was only one style of UGG shoes. These were classic shoes, and this footwear was primarily designed for men. Now, the brand offers a variety of styles of quality footwear for men, women and kids. Below is quick information on the UGG styles you can select among.

Classic Boots

UGG Classic Boots

These boots series are designed for those, who are into that classic look. Overall, Classic Boots are ok to wear with any outfit from your wardrobe. There are different models of classic boots available in men, women and baby collections.

If you are looking for classic boots that have certain custom elements, you can just pick a pair of classic boots with bows, buttons, in blue, gray pink.

Sandals & Slides

UGG Sandals

UGG offers a wide selection of sandals for men, women and kids. Sure thing, those fluffy slides are one of unique products by UGG. However, there is a variety of other sandals and slides in more classic styles available as well. If you think, that fluffy sandals or slides with sheepskin wool inside are something that is not created for summer, most likely you haven’t got a pair! Natural sheepskin allows for easy air circulation and is very comfortable to wear even when it’s hot.


UGG Sneakers

UGG proudly offers a variety of sneakers for everyone! In the selection of UGG men sneakers you will find traditional classic, sporty and casual sneakers. UGG sneakers for women are available in different colors and styles.

You will also find slip-ons, suede shoes and, of course, fluffy footwear.

Heels & Wedges

UGG Heels

If you are looking for heels or platform shoes that are just as comfy as your classic UGG boots, simply check out the selection of heels and wedges by UGG. Traditionally, this footwear is made of premium grade natural materials and is soft, comfy and natural to wear.

So, you can consider such footwear to combine with the most exquisite outfit.


UGG Flats

This collection is for women. Here UGG offers a variety of quality footwear that will work great for everyday wear. If you are looking for a comfy pair of shoes that will look great with your casual outfit. look no further than UGG flats.

In this collection you will find loafers, slip ons and flats that will perfectly look with your jeans, shorts, dresses and more.


UGG Slippers

UGG collection of slippers is truly unique, as there is no other brand that will offer so many options of slippers made of top-grade sheepskin. Here you will find cozy slippers for home, office and everyday use.

If you are looking for a nice Christmas present, a pair of soft sheepskin slippers by UGG is a great idea for someone you care of.

Moccasins & Loafers

UGG Moccasins

UGG collection of moccasins and slippers contains comfy footwear made of natural materials. You can go with warmer version that has got wool inside, or you can select a pair of moccasins with traditional insole.

Regardless of the option you pick, you will enjoy that comfort no other brand will offer.


UGG Boots

UGG boot selection contains not only classic UGG boots, but also several variants of rain boots, ankle boots, cardy boots, mocs and more! Today, UGG offers a variety of boot designs that are tailored to meet your needs regardless of the weather outside.

Just pick the design you like, the color you prefer and select your size and benefit from unparalleled quality and soft natural feel.

Fashion Boots

UGG Fashion Boots

Times when UGG had nothing to do with fashion are gone. Today, the selection of UGG boots is not limited to the traditional sheepskin boots. Now, you can select a trendy thing that will look right with your fashion outfit.

Just check out fashion boot collection by UGG and pick the model that you like!

All-Weather Boots

UGG All-Weather Boots

If you are looking for quality footwear that will withstand snow, freezing cold, slush and dirt and will keep your feet warm and dry, check out the all-weather collection of UGG boots. Today, UGG offers several design options that will look right and protect your feet from cold and moisture.

Sheepskin will allow for easy air circulation, which means that comfy feeling without sweating.

Desert Boots & Chukkas

UGG Desert Boots

This section is a unique selection of men boots. Here you will find boots and chukkas in the most trendy colors. They will add that exquisite touch to any outfit and will look right with jeans, trousers, shorts, etc.

Just decide, which color and design you prefer and pick the pair of unique sheepskin boots by UGG.

Extended Sizes

UGG Extended Sizes

With UGG, it is not a problem to find boots that are available in extended sizes.

And, there is an impressive assortment, too. So just select the model you like, and you are good to go!

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Materials UGG uses to manufacture their products

From the very first pairs of shoes, UGG has employed strict standards of quality to their products. Having found the perfect combination of precise craftsmanship, quality materials and custom technologies of manufacturing, UGG managed to create a product that feels like nothing else. Today, UGG uses only grade A twinface sheepskin and soft wool, that are selected and handcrafted for that special experience. Besides, it is UGG policy to keep their customers informed about the sheepskin they use to manufacture their products. UGG is known to be one of the leaders in the ethical supply chain for consumer goods. Overall, UGG oes not use sheepskin, if it is not a byproduct of meat industry.

UGG Materials

  1. Grade ‘A’ twinface sheepskin. This is the material, that has been used to produce UGG shoes for over 35 years. Each sheepskin UGG uses for their manufacturing process goes through a series of preparation procedures that ensure the sheepskin will meet strict company standards. When it comes to the Twinface sheepskin by UGG, it is about that flawless texture, that has 2 sides. UGG requires that the wool side has even ‘stand up’ thickness throughout the whole piece. The pieces go through several stages to make sure they meet the strict quality criteria.
  2. Twinsole. UGG understands, how good it is to have dual insoles. This approach made the company create footwear that is convertible. So, one can wear their UGG shoes wither with a traditional cushioned insole, or with that luxurious wool insole. With such insoles, the customers always get a choice what insoles they want to experience when they are wearing their UGGs.
  3. UGGPure. This technology was designed to deliver that soft plush experience. This material is a natural wool, that is woven into the special backing. This combination was designed to enhance that natural softness.
  4. Leather, Suede. UGG uses only the top-notch quality suede and leather. All materials go through a range of procedures, including tanning, finishing, etc. As a result, the materials reveal the natural beauty and aesthetics.
  5. Water-Resistant Suede. This is a unique material that does not allow water to get into your shoes. Yet, it is a breathable material that is resistant to perspiration that allows for air circulation. Overall, UGG has created this material to withstand any slush, dirt or rainy weather without compromising that comfy feel.
  6. Calf Hair. This material is also known as ‘pony hair’. It is not just some regular material. Shoes made of this material or ones that feature pieces made of calf hair feature that luxury glam silhouette and reveal unique personality.

UGG History: from surf shops to worldwide recognition

Today, UGG is a brand that is known in every country of the world. Let us see the milestones of UGG history.

  • 1978 – UGG brand was founded by a young American surfer. He had Australian roots and knew, how good sheepskin was, So, he introduced traditional Australian footwear to the US surfers.
  • 1985 – UGG has proudly become a footwear, that symbolizes relaxed culture of Southern California. UGG products have appeared in the surf shops down the California coast.
  • 2000 – Oprah Winfrey announced in the media, that the boots by UGG were included into her own list of ‘Favourite Things’. To appreciate this news, UGG gifted 350 pairs of their boots to the studio audience.
  • 2000’s – UGG added luxury haute couture footwear that appeared in Vogue and other fashion magazines. This was the first step, when UGG brand evolved from their traditional approach to footwear.
  • 2003 – This was the year of great success of the brand. UGG introduced their footwear in baby-blue and pink colors. This was the first time, when the traditional UGG boots became available in pastel hues. This year, Oprah added UGG to the list of her favourite things again.
  • 2006 – The first brand retail store was open in Soho. It made the mark in the world history of fashion. This way, the brand made a very strong expression, having appeared in NYC. So, fans had a chance to visit the store and see the products, try them out and make a decision prior to buying. The same year, UGG opened the brand shop in Japan (it was the Omotesando Hills store). This shop started international expansion of UGG.
  • 2008 – This year, UGG opened 2 stores in the new countries, the Beijing Solana store in China and the Westfield and Covent Garden stores in London. So, UGG gained new fans in more countries and allowed new people to benefit from using their footwear.
  • 2009 – UGG collaborated with Jimmy Choo, and created unique capsule collection.
  • 2010 – This was the year, when UGG footwear started to glow. So, the brand teamed up with Swarovski Elements to offer unique custom design to their footwear.
  • 2011 – This year, UGG partnered with Tom Brady. The same year, they introduced luxe footwear collection, made of sheepskin. It’s fair to say, that this was the year, when Italian shoemaking got better understanding of what sheepskin is.
  • 2012 – UGG launched the first ‘UGG for Men’ store, that was based on the 5th Avenue (in NYC). The same year, the brand became has closer approached to another city of fashion, having opened he Le Marais store in Paris.
  • 2013 – This year UGG launched their Home Collection. It consisted of traditional decor elements that were aimed to bring comfort to the homes of people. This way, in fall they also started offering loungewear. Both collections were made comfortable and soft. The same year, UGG launched their customization program, that allowed customers creare and order their own one-of-a-kind UGG shoes. They could select from different color combinations, charms, monogramming, Swarovski elements, ribbons and more. Also, in 2013 UGG introduced Twinsole. This way, they offered wearing shoes with the traditional insoles, or cushioned wool ones. This allowed delivering UGG comfort in two ways.
  • 2014 – UGG launched their ‘Made in America’ collection. These shoes were completely manufactured in the US by US specialists out of the materials, sourced in the USA.

Counterfeit UGGs: 5 Things to Know

UGG is a global brand that offers premium quality products, so no wonder there are many companies, that copy this product without license and sell fake UGG boots. Let us see, why it is a bad idea to go with a counterfeit pair of UGG boots and how to spot counterfeit UGGs. Footwear by UGG meets strict quality standards and cannot be cheap. In general, the price is around $100 per pair.

  1. Counterfeit UGGs normally cost 30% less, than the normal price of UGG shoes. Though, price is not always a guarantee, that you are getting a quality authentic product.
  2. The official manufacturer of UGG boots works hard to deliver the best experience, and puts a lot of effort to fight counterfeit. So, if you feel, that there is a website that sells counterfeit UGG boots, let UGG know about it by sending an email to [email protected] Remember, that only authentic footwear will deliver that outstanding experience and last.
  3. Just imagine: UGG has taken legal actions against 60.000+ websites that used to sell counterfeit footwear.
  4. Here is another impressive figure. Between 2011 and 2013, law enforcement managed to seize over 1.100.000 pairs of counterfeit UGGs.
  5. UGG has a dedicated team that works to take down the websites that sell or promote counterfeit UGG shoes.

Some useful information for those, who own UGG shoes and want to keep them in top shape….

How to clean UGG shoes

There are several ways one can go when they have to clean their UGG boots. Let us consider tips, tricks and recommendations that will help you keep your UGG boots good-looking for years to come. As this footwear is designed to last for many seasons, as long as you treat it right.

How to clean UGG shoes

UGG cleaning: manufacturer’s recommendations

First, let us see, what the official manufacturer of these shoes recommends doing.

  1. To prevent staining, UGG recommends using their ‘Stain & Water Repellent’. It is a good idea to apply it prior to wearing your UGGs for the first time.
  2. UGG offers their ‘Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner’ to restore footwear.
  3. When your UGG boots get wet, it is a good idea to stuff them with paper to speed up drying process and maintain the original shape.
  4. If you want your sheepskin boots to dry, make sure to avoid direct heat or direct sun rays. This can damage the shape and/or color of your boots.
  5. To dry your UGG boots, leave them in cool ventilated place. Note, that it will take over 24 hours for a pair of boots to dry.

UGG cleaning: Questions & Answers – Updated August 2019

Can Ugg boots be washed?

The short answer is ‘no’. Never use washing machine to clean UGG sheepskin boots, as this can destroy them.

Do dry cleaners clean Uggs?

Most likely, they can take your UGG boots for cleaning. But the manufacturer does not recommend taking them to have dry cleaned not to ruin the material.

How do you clean smelly ugg boots?

To remove odor and keep your UGG boots fresh, spray ‘Sheepskin Freshener’ inside every boot. Next, let your boots dry within at least 24 hours in cool and ventilated place.

Do Uggs dry when they get wet?

To make sure sheepskin will not get too dry, never use direct heat or direct sun rays. This can damage the shape and/or color of your boots. It is a good idea to stuff them with paper to speed up drying process and maintain the original shape.

How do you clean stains off Uggs?

If you have got oil stains, apply chalk or baby powder over the spot and leave shoes like this overnight. If the stains are not gone, repeat again. If you need scuff marks removed, use suede eraser, or just regular rubber eraser.

How do I clean my Uggs from salt stains?

You will need water and soft cloth. Rub your UGGs with wet cloth after you wear them and let your footwear naturally dry. Do not use vinegar not to discolor sheepskin.

Should you spray Uggs before wearing?

The short answer is ‘yes’. This is exactly what the official manufacturer recommends doing. UGG recommends using their ‘Stain & Water Repellent’. It is a good idea to apply it prior to wearing your UGGs for the first time.

Should you wear socks with Uggs?

The short answer is ‘no’, as these shoes are made of Merino sheepskin. This material is normally worn without socks. However, you can wear socks as well, if you like to.

How do you deodorize Ugg boots?

To remove odor and keep your UGG boots fresh, spray ‘Sheepskin Freshener’ inside every boot. Next, let your boots dry within at least 24 hours in cool and ventilated place.

Does wearing socks with UGGs ruin them?

The short answer is ‘no’. However, sheepskin boots normally do not require wearing socks with them, as long as you want to benefit from that natural comfort this material provides.

UGG care: Tips and Recommendations

Just like any chic leather bag, quality sheepskin boots need a little care at times to keep them looking their best. Below are the instructions that we can give to ensure your Ugg boots stay looking their very best! Once you have completed all of these steps, you will be left with boots that not only smell delightful but also look as stunning as the first day you took them home.

UGG care

  1. Hand wash only! Never throw your precious boots into a washing machine! These boots need only the best! Delicate hand washing!
  2. Moisten the sheepskin with clean, cold water, make sure to wet the whole boot to avoid unsightly water lines.
  3. Remember, that genuine sheepskin requires the most delicate of touch. To clean them, gently scrub the entire boot, do not use excessive force or the delicate sheepskin may be damaged.
  4. Rinse clean with cold clean water, gently wring out excess water.
  5. Lightly fill the boots with paper towels, as they need to be dried correctly so they keep their shape.
  6. Allow the boots to dry slowly and naturally. Protect your UGG boots from sunlight. Also, make sure to avoid heat.
  7. Once the boots are dry gently brush them in one single direction with a soft suede brush.
  8. If you would like your boots to smell nice, you can use a mixture of 2 tsp. baking soda, 2 tsp. cornflour and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Pour the mixture evenly into both boots, shake gently and leave the boots to rest for the night. Shake out the remaining powder the next day.

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