Quite often we are looking for a specific color and finish of popular, brandy and trendy sheepskin footwear by UGG and we are having hard time to find them right away. We know, how important it is to find the product you need right away and get an opportunity to read the information about it right away in one place. So, we at SheepSkinStock are here to help you out!

This section of our website is dedicated to multicolored UGG shoes, slippers, sandals, snow boots and more! We have picked the most popular colors of sheepskin shoes and created a page with the information you may want to know about them. So just click the picture of the UGG shoes in the color you need, and you will find all the information we’ve collected for you!

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UGG shoes and moccasins are extremely popular these days. They are so comfortable, as the majority of footwear by this brand is made of genuine sheepskin, which makes them warm, cozy and breathable. You can think of dozens of outfits that will look great with classic UGG boots.

They are worn on a daily basis by kids, grown-ups and celebrities. There are so many styles UGG offers their footwear in, so you can pick not just classy sheepskin boots, but also select trendy shoes, sandals, slippers, moccasins and more!

What colors do UGGs come in?

  • Brown;
  • Gray;
  • Black;
  • Chocolate;
  • Blue;
  • Sand;
  • Navy blue;
  • Pink;
  • Purple;
  • Chestnut;
  • Violet;
  • Mole.

What is the classic UGG color?

The classic UGG color is brown. Officially, UGG calls this color sand. So, if you think of getting classic UGG sheepskin shoes in the classic color, consider sand boots from the online collection or your local official UGG store.

What are the different types of UGGs?

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