This is truly one of the most popular kinds of pink UGG boots for women. It looks great at any season, regardless of the weather outdoors. The Classic Mini II boots are successors of those classic sheepskin boots, that were first introduced to US surfers back in 1978.

These boots are shorter, yet the overall design remains the same. In fact, the Classic Mini II boots are the shortest classic UGG boots. They are worn by celebrities and thousands of people in the USA, Australia and many other countries around the globe.

There is only 1 pink UGG option for the Classic Mini II boots, and it is called ‘pink crystal’.

UGG Women's Classic Mini II Boots in Pink

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Stain and Water Resistance: UGG Boots (Pink)

Good news, these pink UGG boots are pre-treated with special water-repellent, that protects sheepskin they are made of from moisture. As a result, the Classic Mini II UGG boots in pink can easily handle any surprise drizzles, spills, dirt, slush and more. These UGG pink boots are made to withstand the impact of moisture and are protected against spills right from the factory.

Just look at this nice light-pink color! Many girls love the way these pink UGGs look but are afraid the first rain will turn them into something ugly. The manufacturer has already taken care of this for you. Though, keep in mind, that these pink UGG boots are not completely waterproof. So, if you have to wear them on rainy days, treat them as official UGG instructions recommend.

Also note, that the factory pre-treatment tends to wear off with time, it is always a good idea to apply water and stain repellent every couple of months. If you are about to order a new pair of light pink UGG boots, grab water and stain repellent right away.



Here are 5 good facts, provided by the official UGG website. Learn more details about the rose boots by UGG.

  1. Increased flexibility, traction and cushioning;
  2. Extremely durable and lightweight outsole;
  3. Classic Mini II UGGs feature 20% better traction, than the traditional EVA outsoles;
  4. Cushioning lasts 25% longer, compared to the EVA outsoles;
  5. Outsoles used in the Classic Mini II UGGs in pink are 16% more durable, than the regular EVA outsoles.


These pink UGG boots for women are made of that traditional signature series sheepskin UGG uses for their footwear manufacturing. Classic Mini II UGG boots in pink are made of merino sheepskin, that is extremely comfortable to wear. Here are some good reasons to pick pink UGG boots for your casual style.

Naturally thermostatic material. The merino sheepskin and wool appear to be naturally thermostatic materials. This means, that they automatically regulate the temperature inside of your pink UGG boots and make it very close to the body temperature. As a result, you are getting that comfortable feel, as your feet are warm, dry and can breathe. Natural sheepskin wicks moisture and sweat away from your feet, so you can easily wear pink UGG for women without socks. When it’s cool, the temperature in your boots is going to be warm enough to feel comfortable, yet not too hot to sweat. When it’s quite hot, that natural temperature will feel comfy and cool.

Tailored to contour the shape of your feet. Natural sheepskin and wool are resistant to compression. So, your pink UGG boots for women will displace weight and contour right to the natural shape of your feet. As a result, you are getting the surround that feels extremely comfortable. And the underfoot comfort makes you forget what kind of footwear you have. You just keep enjoying your day and lifestyle. So, if you are looking for a pair of nice girls’ pink UGGs, consider the Classic Mini II model. You will definitely enjoy the comfort, natural material and that material that performs and feels like nothing else.

The highest quality standards. UGG has got extremely high quality standards for the materials they use to make their footwear, and pink womens’ boots are not an exception. The brand selects the best sheepskin they obtain, and there is a complicated and strict selection process. UGG specialists evaluate the sheepskin they get for softness, consistency, density, and that is not a complete list. The Classic Mini II UGG boots in pink are made of real fur from sheep or lamb. It originate from Australia, Ireland, the United States or the United Kingdom. The sheepskin for these rose boots has been artificially dyed.

An icon of truly American style. The Classic UGG boots have appeared in the US back in the late 1970’s and were worn by surfers to keep their feet warm after early sessions. Since then, UGG boots became truly popular because of the comfort and natural feel they provide. People love them for the natural insoles, traction, softness and durability. Plus, these classic pink UGG boots pair with any outfit! Try a pair of jeans and a light top. Now, your light pink UGGs are pre-treated to resist moisture and spills and will not stain.

Participant of HERproject. The Classic Mini II UGG boots were made in a manufacturing facility, that supports women. This project is a collaborative initiative, that does not belong to UGG. It is a project, that creates partnership between brands. As a result, it empowers and educates women in the workplaces and helps creating comfortable working environment for them. So, by selecting another pair of nice pink UGGs you can be sure, that they were made for women, by women and in the environment that is convenient for women.

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Pink UGG boots for women: details

  • made of twinface sheepskin and merino suede;
  • seams feature overlock stitching;
  • insole is made of sheepskin;
  • outsole is made in accordance with the Treadlite technology by UGG;
  • shaft height is 5.5’’;
  • these UGGs feature a pull tab in the rear;
  • binding: 100% nylon;
  • manufacturer: official UGG;
  • fur and sheepskin origins: imported (sourced from Australia, Ireland, UK, or USA).

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