Originally made for surfers, UGG footwear is now available in different colors, designs and variants. Today, UGG offers a variety of products for men. But regardless of the design you select, you will benefit from that natural material, excellent craftsmanship and flawless manufacturing. Unlike regular sheepskin footwear that is just comfy to wear, UGG has become a truly trendy thing, that matches almost any style. If you are looking for footwear that will look great, feel comfy and can be worn with almost any outfit, pick a pair of ugg boots for men.


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UGG for Men: Current Styles

Classic Boots

UGG Classic Boots

These boots series are designed for those, who are into that classic look. Overall, Classic Boots are ok to wear with any outfit from your wardrobe. There are different models of classic boots available in men collection. If you are looking for classic boots that have certain custom elements, you can just pick a pair of classic boots in blue, traditional brown, black or gray. Also, these boots are available in that stylish Graffiti style.


Sandals & Slides

UGG Sandals

UGG offers a wide selection of sandals for men. Sure thing, those fluffy slides are one of unique products by UGG. However, there is a variety of other sandals and slides in more classic styles available as well. If you think, that fluffy sandals or slides with sheepskin wool inside are something that is not created for summer, most likely you haven’t got a pair! Natural sheepskin allows for easy air circulation and is very comfortable to wear even when it’s hot.



UGG Sneakers

UGG proudly offers a variety of sneakers for everyone! In the selection of UGG men sneakers you will find traditional classic, sporty and casual sneakers. UGG sneakers are available in different colors and styles. You will also find slip-ons, suede shoes and, of course, fluffy footwear in this section. Just pick the size and style you need and you are good to go!



UGG Slippers

UGG collection of slippers is truly unique, as there is no other brand that will offer so many options of slippers made of top-grade sheepskin. Here you will find cozy slippers for home, office and everyday use. If you are looking for a nice Christmas present, a pair of soft sheepskin slippers by UGG is a great idea for someone you care of.



UGG Boots

UGG boot selection contains not only classic UGG boots, but also several variants of rain boots, ankle boots, cardy boots, mocs and more! Today, UGG offers a variety of boot designs that are tailored to meet your needs regardless of the weather outside. Just pick the design you like, the color you prefer and select your size and benefit from unparalleled quality and soft natural feel.


All-Weather Boots

UGG All-Weather Boots

If you are looking for quality footwear that will withstand snow, freezing cold, slush and dirt and will keep your feet warm and dry, check out the all-weather collection of UGG boots. Today, UGG offers several design options that will look right and protect your feet from cold and moisture. Sheepskin will allow for easy air circulation, which means that comfy feeling without sweating.


Desert Boots & Chukkas

UGG Desert Boots

This section is a unique selection of men boots. Here you will find boots and chukkas in the most trendy colors. They will add that exquisite touch to any outfit and will look right with jeans, trousers, shorts, etc. Just decide, which color and design you prefer and pick the pair of unique sheepskin boots by UGG.


Extended Sizes

UGG Extended Sizes

With UGG, it is not a problem to find boots that are available in extended sizes. And, there is an impressive assortment, too. So just select the model you like, and you are good to go!


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The Best Footwear You Can Get


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